1. Location and are relationship

  • Location: Dong Vang, Dinh Tram IP, Viet Yen district, Bac Giang province, Viet Nam
  • 45kms far from Hanoi center (55 minutes by car)
  • 12kms far  from Bac Ninh city, 13kms far from Bac Giang city
  • On the way of 1B National Road (Ha Noi – Bac Giang highway), connected  to system of such other national ways as: National Way  5 and 18, Highway 5B, Highway Hanoi – Thai Nguyen, Hanoi – Haiphong and Hanoi – Ninh Binh.
  • 104kms far from Haiphong port and 123kms far from Quangninh deep-sea port
  • 50kms far from Noibai International Airport (45 minutes by car)
  • 15kms far from Bacninh Railway Station (Hanoi-Lang station)

2. Area project

  • Land: 1.8 ha
  • Factory: 8.000m2
  • Office: 800m2

3. Infrastructure

  • Master plan: Treated and construction factory plan now
  • Electric supply: Electric supplied stably via cable system 22KV reach to Factory fence. DELCO installationed 1000KVA transformer in factory area. Investors sign contract with with Bac Giang electric power department and will be yourselves installation cable from transformer to factory hire.
  • Water supply: Water suppying pipes are available till to Factory unit
  • Drainage: Drainage system was already installed to Factory Fence. Drainage systems for rain water and waste water will be together used generally. Waste water, after being treated reach to standard, will be wasted to general drainage system of area.
  • Living waste wwater treatment: DOVA invested living waste water treatment SBR technology, after that will be wasted to general system.
  • Industrial waste  water: will be collected into tracks then be delivered and treated by an  environmental company.
  • Solid waste: will be collected and seperated, then be delivered and treated  by an  environmental company.
  • Telephone – Internet: Communication network reached to standard and available to satisfy requests of contacting and data delivering with high speed and all domestic or international postal services. The system of optical fiber cables is connected directly to factory fence
  • Internal road: The system of internal roads was constructed suitable for section that all kind of vehicles could be easily and conveniently come to factory. Lighting systems were installed along to road and surrounding the workshops.
  • Fire fighting system: Water supplying to fire fighting with fire hydrants are also installed to each Factory
  • Environment and Green trees: With less than 50% of building density, green area and space among factories is good ensurement.